Saturday, October 01, 2005

home lost in waveland, MS

posting email forwarded to me - michelle's sister & family lived in waveland and their house completely destroyed so now they are staying with michelle (michelle's contact info below the email) in SC. i've been told by one of the people running the equine rescue in CS that michelle & sister might be reluctant to ask for anything openly, so am posting SCARE's president's (jan) contact info if anyone would like to help or find out more info:

I just heard back from Michelle, one of our members who took a 28 ft. horse trailer loaded to the brim with supplies for animals and for people. When she arrived at the animal shelter in Waveland, she found a clean shelter with about 20 to 25 dogs, cats and other animals. FEMA has just recently gotten them an air conditioned tent to keep the dogs, and they were all relatively comfortable. The director of the shelter said that just about all of the animals currently housed there now were just recently removed from houses, and she was much in hopes that they would be able to reunite these animals with their owners. We can all pray for that.
They had very little food for the animals, out of shampoos, and just about all supplies. They were absolutely ecstatic with the delivery. They did not have any horses or large animals, but there was a fireman there who has three horses that he has had trouble finding food for, and he said he also knew of other local people who still had their horses and livestock, who also had little to no means of acquiring feed for, and he is going to distribute the horse feed, alfalfa cubes, beet pulp and other large animal supplies within the community.
The director, and many of the local people who have been working at the shelter are as distraught as we have been that they are not making provisions to foster the animals for a longer period of time to give local residents the opportunity to get back to the area and claim their pets. They are going to try to hold their animals as long as possible in that hope.
I was so glad to hear the report of the wonderful treatment that the animals were given, at least at this shelter, in light of all of the rumors that have abounded across the internet. I'm sure that there have been instances that were less than optimal, but at least at this shelter, the animals are being cared for as best as these people can provide.
Again, many many thanks to all of our members, and people from the local communities that contributed to this effort to get supplies to an area that has been much overlooked. Michelle said that the devastation is more than anyone can describe. Please keep Michelle, her sister and her family in your thoughts and prayers, as well as the other people who are now confronted with the gruesome task of combing through the ruins in search of some small trinket that may be left of their homes and their lives.
Jan Carter
SC Awareness and Rescue for Equines, Inc.

Michelle Stott
P.O. Box 332
Landrum, SC 29356

if you'd like to help, contact jan:
There is nothing standing but the frame of the house. As Michelle is very modest, we decided it would be best to post the phone nbr and eMail address of our President.
Jan will be glad for anyone to call or e-mail her.
Tell them to please leave Jan a message - stating it is regarding help for Michelle's family - if they don't get hold of Jan, and she WILL call them back.
Jan's phone nbr is : (803) 755-6451