Tuesday, October 11, 2005

10/11 - from shelley from NOLA

from 10/10:

Things are slowly rebuilding in the city. Most parts of Metairie & the West Bank are fine and are starting to reopen for business, schools, etc. However, Old Metairie, Lakeview & New Orleans will take a little longer to come back.

People are starting to work on their houses in our neighborhood, but it's still very isolated. We are working on our house everyday and we are making progress. We have gutted out our house and covered our roof with a tarp, since the tree has been removed. We're still trying to clean up the debris, while waiting on the insurance adjuster. Once we meet with them, we will be able to start cleaning out all of all of our furniture and other belongings that are piled up in the back yard and begin renovations.

We are fortunate as compared to many others, especially the families that we are all helping. Most of these families had homes in St. Bernard parish, the Lower 9th Ward & New Orleans East, which is totally destroyed. They were able to return to view their homes to collect whatever was left, but it will take a long time before those homes are ever livable again (if ever).

I haven't received any packages yet. It seems like the mail service/UPS is taking a really long time. I have confirmed that the address listed on the website is correct. As soon as I start receiving the packages, I will update everyone on what has been received and what is still needed. We have an extreme need for women's plus size pants. I will post an update later today with the exact sizes of the women and the others who need our help.

The young widowed, woman that I'm trying to help has a 7 month old baby girl. So, baby wipes, baby powder, diapers, etc. would really help out this young mother. As far as the Men’s shirts, short sleeve & long sleeve shirts can be used, since our weather is starting to change – in the 70’s during the day 60’s at night. Any types of casual shirts would be great – no dress shirts are needed.

Federal Express should be able to deliver to our zip code, as they do not have us as one of the suspended zip codes. However, I have not seen a truck in the entire metro New Orleans area.